Why Dublin?

Dublin, Ireland’s capital is a magical place, where you will move easily from the vibrant city centre life to the peaceful tranquillity of its charming coastal villages in less than 30 minutes. You can sample art, culture and nightlife in a bustling city that is so easy to get around, before immersing yourself in nature and heritage on its stunning outskirts.


What sets Dublin apart from other cities is that sense of the unexpected and Dublin unfolding from minute to minute.

Visitors uncover new and interesting dimensions to the city outside the regular tourism experiences. Whether it’s encountering someone with that great ‘gift of the gab’ or a moment on Grafton Street enjoying a fantastic street performance or stumbling upon a shop that sells great vintage dresses; Dublin is always unfolding in unique ways for different people, and this is what’s enthralling for visitors.

So, whether you are planning a visit for a weekend or a week, you will have the time of your life!

Where to Stay

You might already have your tickets for New Year’s Festival in the bag or dreaming about booking but first things first, where to stay on your getaway! Dublin offers visitors a truly amazing range of options. From charming, homely guesthouses to dazzling 5-star hotels. From country mansions to chic city centre apartments and hip boutique addresses. Dublin has you spoilt for choice.

For great ideas and inspiration on where to stay and what to do in Dublin see www.visitdublin.com