Werewolves by Bram Stoker

Date: 30th December, 31st December

Place: Vice Coffee, Wigwam, Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 1

Time: 2pm & 4 pm

Werewolves by Bram Stoker

In the town hall, the villagers meet to discuss their strategy, electing a leader.

But there are werewolves hiding among the town’s people, waiting for their opportunity to outnumber and outfox the scared humans.

As day turns to night, the villagers wait to see if they’ve managed to keep the threat at bay. The werewolves aim to subsume the village, and for the villagers, well, it’s simply survival of the fittest.

Who’s eating who?

Adapted from a concept by Andrew Plotkin and based on Dimitry Davidoff’s Mafia game, Werewolf is an interactive role playing game that tests your observation skills.

Trust nobody, observe closely, and have lots of fun!

Werewolves is presented by Bram Stoker festival in partnership with NYF Dublin.

Ticketing Information: Sold Out

€5 per person strictly over 18’s please note that this is an interactive game.