The Counsel of Owls

Date: 31st December

Place: St. Patrick's Park

Time: 2pm - 3pm

The Counsel of Owls

Dying Breeds is the nom de plume of artist Emily Aoibheann and her collaborators.  This award winning company redefines aerial and contemporary circus as a fresh new art from.  Aerialist Emily Aoibheann will dance, move and glide effortlessly through the air to the sounds of Mikey Kenney fantastic album ‘’The Counsel of Owls’’ 

Stirrings Magazine said of Kenney album ’’ The beauty and originality of this album stopped me in my tracks.’’   But It’s not just the music, movement and setting that’s eye popping– watch out for the beautifully hand crafted owl costume designed and crafted by Nadine Cullen designed especially for the show. 

Prepare to be awed as live aerial dance movements are fused seamlessly with Kenney folk themes and metaphors.

This is a performance in beauty that you’ll be guaranteed to remember.

Ticket Information: Free