Date: 1st January

Place: St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2

Time: 12pm & 2pm

co motion with first fortnight
co motion with first fortnight
First Fortnight

Everyone has songs that get us up when we’re feeling down. However, plugging in our headphones often isolates us from the world around us as we get lost in our music.

This really unique event creates opportunities to break down the barriers created by our headphones. The aim to reconnect with music, with nature and with those around us.

You’ll be randomly assigned a walking partner, and then with our playlists and a pair of headphone splitters, enjoy a stroll around the peaceful settings of St Stephen’s Green.

This is a chance to share a moving musical experience of the songs that resonate with each of us.

So bring an inquisitive mind, some comfortable shoes, and the songs that get you through. Co-Motion is presented by First Fortnight in partnership with NYF Dublin.

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