NYF Dublin @ CHQ Docklands

It’s never too early to start the New Year’s Eve celebrations at CHQ in Dublin’s vibrant Docklands. There will be plenty of food and entertainment for families and friends before making your way to the Matinee!

A great festival feel, street food and live music by some of the young voices heard on the streets of Dublin such as Allie Sherlock, Scott Carey and many more. Music will be available from 12.00pm till 6.00pm at George’s Dock, right outside the CHQ building. Lots of entertainment including an interactive marine experience will be delivered inside the CHQ building.

The Triumph Arch at CHQ will become a giant abstract painting, waiting for you to step in and bring it to life! At first glance Change Your Stripes, by the School of Looking, looked like a giant abstract painting. But this interactive artwork needs you to come to life. The black and white stripes ripple and evolve as people move, offering a rare chance to dance with your own shadow. Silhouettes are captured and repeated in a cascading never ending stream, dancing and sparring with other silhouettes, and inviting us all to be part of the art.

This interactive installation was originally designed for the Limerick City Gallery in 2006. Change Your Stripes has since delighted audiences worldwide, travelling as far afield as Yokohama in Japan and Sao Paulo in Brazil, and to such prestigious international venues as the Pompidou Centre in Paris

This interactive installation is delivered by The School of Looking and will be active on the following dates:
29th 16:00 – 22:00.
30th 16:00 – 22:00.
31st 12:00 – 20:00